The bible says that “call on me and I will answer, call on me and you shall find me.” This is true for all of us. It’s a promise from God that we can always come to him when we need help. Sometimes it takes time before he answers but his timing is perfect! This blog post features 11 different ways you can pray for your loved ones who don’t know Jesus. You’ll learn how to pray the right way so they feel loved and get closer to God! Objective: educate readers on prayer and how to pray for loved ones. *Introduce the blog post content with a sentence or two.

crosses, clouds, faith @ Pixabay

* Explain what a “prayer” is, the difference between “talking things over” and “asking someone for help.” Give examples of both. Explain that there are different types of prayers (e.g., asking for something specific, praising God). Discuss why it’s important to praying in Jesus’ name because he will always answer your prayer while other people may not be able speak English well enough to respond back so you understand them clearly without him translating their words into your language. Outline 11 ways you can pray for someone who doesn’t know about Christ – some


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