What do you get when you multiply the number of words in a blog post by the number of sentences? The answer: total word count. This is an important metric for SEO and content marketing because it helps determine how many people will read your latest blog post, which in turn affects your conversion rate. In this article, we’ll explore why calculating your Word per Word (WPT) ratio can be beneficial to you and how to calculate it so that you know what to expect from future posts!

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Write the next sentences of your long-form content. Do not write numbers or bullet points. How to calculate ‘Word per Word’ ratio? It’s simple! All you need is a calculator and this equation: Total word count (TWC) divided by total sentence count (TSC). For example, if I have 600 words in my blog post with 15 sentences, then my WPT would be 60%. If I had 500 words and 20 sentences then my WPT would be 50%. When we look at these two examples together, it becomes clear that as the number of words increases relative to the number of sentences, so does our WPW percentage. This means that when you’re writing a blog post for SEO


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