We are going to explore how to calculate the ph when 12.875 ml of HCl has been added. The equation for calculating ph is: pH = -log(concentration) where pH means acidity, concentration is the number of moles per liter and log means base 10 logarithm. So our calculation would be as follows: pH = -log(12.875) = 1.99 Therefore, the ph of 12.875 ml HCl is at about pH = -log(12.875) which equals to around pH= log (concentration).

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Explanation: At a molecular level in water, hydrogen ions become hydroxide ions and they bind with water molecules to form an ionic compound called hydroxyhydrogenium or simply hydronium when it gets more oxygenated from other compounds like ammonia or nitrates. When you add something acidic into this solution and then measure the concentration of these hydrogen ions by using a meter that measures electric current between two electrodes submerged in your solutions, you can calculate what the pH will be for any given acidity reading The equation we use is as


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