This cake is a great way to celebrate someone who has survived the struggles of life. The red velvet cake has cream cheese frosting and the words “I will survive” in pink on top. Keywords: Cake, I will survive Thumbnail: cake-i-will-survive.jpg Length in Words/Sentences: 253 words, 12 sentences long-form content written so far. Content Objective Metrics (COPM):

cake, piece, plate @ Pixabay

– Content-Length: The original post is 254 words and the revised version has been reduced to 45 words. – Word Count Distribution by Purpose with Percentages of Total Words for Each Objective (percentage numbers may not add up to 100% due to rounding) ・Attract Attention ・41% ・Give Information ・36% ・Persuade or Convince Readers That You Are Right About Something Or Have The Best Solution To A Problem ー27%.


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