“How Are You True,” by Cage the Elephant, is a song about how to be true to oneself and not let others convince you to do something that goes against your beliefs. The lyrics can apply to any situation in life where one might feel pressured into doing things they don’t want or believe in. The line “you have got me feeling so low” explains what it feels like when someone pressures them into doing something that they know isn’t right for them. “I’ll just keep my mouth shut tight, I won’t say anything at all.

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” This lyric speaks volumes- it means that sometimes even if people are being unreasonable, it’s better just to walk away from the confrontation than argue with them and risk hurting their feelings. In the song, Cage the Elephant sings about their own experience with feeling like they had to conform and show everyone what a “true” person is supposed to be like. They felt that if they didn’t keep up this facade of happiness by not letting people know when things got hard for them, then no one would want anything more to do with them. However, after some time passed they realized that people who knew and loved them still cared for them just as much even though sometimes life was difficult. The lyrics are very relatable because it’s easy to think we have to live up someone else’s expectations in order for other people around us- especially friends or family-to love us unconditionally.” How Are You True


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