Hi, I’m Brad. You might not know me but I am a manager and have been for the past 18 years. My last job was managing an electronics store in New York City, which sounds like a lot of fun right? Well it wasn’t always that way! Here are some things I learned from being a manager: -Managers are responsible for the success of their team. If they go out and perform at a lower level than you need them to, then that’s your fault as a manager. They’re not doing it on purpose!

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-People develop quicker when they have someone coaching them from day one or two, instead of having 12 months of training before starting to be really effective on the job. That said.. Managers can’t do everything themselves and should ask for help if needed–we don’t know what we don’t know sometimes! It also means we will make mistakes too by trying to do things ourselves without asking others with more experience how to proceed in our current situation. Mistakes happen but learning from those is key so you


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