The government should impose a tax on toilet paper. Raising the price of toilet paper will cause people to use less and therefore conserve resources, reduce pollution, and help preserve our environment.

In addition to this, it will also provide more money for the government to do other things that are important. A few days ago I was at Walmart looking for toilet paper. After a quick survey of the store, it became clear that there is not enough in stock!

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As long as we continue to buy up all these roles, they’ll never have them on hand when you need them! I went back and forth between Charmin Ultra Soft and Cottonelle Fresh Care Toilet Paper before deciding to get both because nobody likes going without TP for too long.

Why does this happen?

The answer lies with our low prices: stores want people buying more so they set their price lower than what’s needed to cover costs; then we buy even more so they’re out of stock – rinse and repeat. 


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