One of the most important periods in American history is Reconstruction. This period saw a change in both the social and economic landscape of America, but what conclusion can be drawn?

It is hard to say for sure without examining it further. That’s why we have this blog post! We’ll examine reconstruction from 1863- 1877 and discuss how it changed American society as well as its economy.

abraham lincoln, america, american @ Pixabay

Reconstruction began on April 12th, 1863. This was after Abraham Lincoln passed the Thirteenth Amendment in 1865 which abolished slavery and freed the slaves. The people who were formerly enslaved attempted to gain their rights through education, a vote, and self-defense among other things.

Meanwhile, those that had caused them so much grief during slavery time continued with racism under different names such as segregation or Jim Crow laws (despite it being illegal).

Because of this many African Americans later fled America for Liberia where they could be free from oppression at last. This blog post will look at Reconstruction from 1863- 1877 by examining how it changed American society as well as its economy including describing what conclusion can be drawn without further discussion?


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