The print queue is a list of jobs waiting to be printed. This article will show you where the print queue is stored in Windows Server 2012/R2 and how to change it if desired.

Where is the Print Queue Stored by Default in Windows Server 2012/R2012?

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By default, the printer queues are stored as files. There should not be any subfolders under this directory because they don’t exist until after installation or setup.

If there are additional folders, then these were created manually from within Computer Management (or with another program). The printer queues are stored as files inside C:\Windows\System32\. 

The file names follow a naming convention of “PrinterName_.job_x” where x is the number of jobs waiting in line to print.

For example, if you have one job waiting to print it will be named PrinterName_0.job and two jobs would be called PrinterName_0.job and PrinterName_0a.job The filename follows a naming convention of “printername_.job_(number)”. 


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