The BVSD basketball team has had many great players over the years. Who is the best of them all? That’s a question that we will answer in this post!

After reading these 10 steps, you’ll know who to vote for when it comes time to pick our favorite player.

basketball team, nail biter, game @ Pixabay

1) When asked about which player they liked most, one person said “I really like David,” because he was always a dependable scorer and could get fouled at any moment.

2) One fan voted for Javier because “he was so good at finding the open man.”

3) Another fan voted for Jake because he played with such intensity on defense and offense. And the winner of the best BVSD player ever is Jake. It’s hard to argue with that, especially when you take into account his intensity on defense and offense, as well as how he could find the open man so easily.

Jake was a great player for many years and will always be remembered by our fans because we all love him! Let us know who your favorite basketball player is in the comments below! 

David played reliably in every game -Javier used quick passes to get someone right where they needed to be Jake had a lot of great moments during this time period but it was difficult to pick just one.


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