A game headset is an important investment for any gamer. It can be frustrating when the buzzing noise starts and you are trying to concentrate on winning a battle.

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This article will tell you how to stop your controller from making that loud, annoying buzz.

Step One: Turn it off. Sometimes all you have to do is turn your game-headset off and back on again for the buzzing noise to go away! You might not even need any more steps after this one if it works right out of the gate.

Step Two: Change Your Settings on the Game Headset. To change your settings, first make sure that your headset is plugged in correctly and turned on with a working battery pack or power cord attached.

Next, find an options menu and select “bass” or “volume.” After looking through these menus, give them another try without using step one – if nothing changed then move onto something else below.

Step Three: Check Battery Pack/ Power Cord Connections.


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