The answer is simple: because you want to be taken seriously. You may not think that visuals are important if you’re just starting out, but the truth is they can make all the difference in how people perceive your idea. For example, a lot of startups use infographics for their pitch decks and they do this for one major reason – it’s hard to predict what will resonate with investors.

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Visuals are an easy way to convey complex information quickly and powerfully without having to worry about being able to clearly articulate everything verbally. It also allows the audience to process your points in their own time without interrupting them with questions.

It’s not just startups though – even established companies are using visuals because they know that people respond better when there is some sort of visual representation of what you’re saying, and it can give investors a much clearer idea about how the company operates if they have access to an infographic or video.

Visuals are definitely worth considering for any pitch deck but especially if you want to be taken seriously from the very beginning. You may think that it’ll take too long to make these visuals and this might discourage other founders who don’t think it’ll work out anyway. 


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