What do you think?

How do you feel about the title and content description for this blog post? Are they catchy and eye-catching? Do you know what this blog post is about yet? How does the title make you feel? What are your thoughts on the content description? What parts of it resonate with you more than others or have a greater impact to you personally, if any at all? Do these questions inform how much importance do each part hold for our reader’s journey as well as their experience while reading this blog post?”

I think that having an intro paragraph would be beneficial because I don’t want readers who aren’t interested in my opinion to stop reading. The first sentence was intriguing but then there were no other sentences following up until “How should we write long form content?”. This may deter some readers from reading on. I feel like my thoughts are more clear when they’re formatted this way vs bullet points, but I think that numbers would be better than words for the list of ideas because it almost feels as though there is no organization otherwise.

still life with inkwell, letter, correspondence @ Pixabay

It’s a bit difficult to know where things start and end without being told so just mentioning how many paragraphs in or out (i.e., “paragraph three”) or what section we’ve moved to within the post may help those who want things broken up into chunks so they can find their bearings easier instead of scrolling around endlessly trying to figure out where we left off last time.” The intro paragraph isn’t very long – maybe it should have at least one sentence about why you’re writing.


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