Some people like to drink, others prefer to read. The internet is a vast and diverse place where many find solace from the tedium of daily life. We can spend hours scrolling through Twitter or browsing Reddit, but sometimes we need something more substantial. In this blog post I’ll be discussing why I don’t drink rum any more – it’s an interesting story.

This sounds like a lot of work. Let’s just drink!  Rum is often the first drink people have when they get to college or before social occasions. The idea that rum is ‘the party spirit’ can spread quickly, and it may be easy for some to see drinking as their primary form of entertainment. But what if we were getting 50% drunker than intended? Alcohol makes it hard to think straight, so even though you know that you’re not feeling good at all – either physically or mentally – it can take effort to stop oneself from continuing with an unhealthy habit. When I was in my third year of university, I decided enough was enough: time for me to break free from this cycle.


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