It’s your time to shine! There are so many places online where you can find lyrics. Whether it be a new song you want to learn the words for, or an old favorite that always makes you sing along with the radio – there are plenty of websites out there that will help get the job done. Check out this list of 11 sites we’ve compiled and see which ones work best for you.

lyrics, sheet music, note @ Pixabay

Genius: This is a great option for finding lyrics, as it offers the most complete and accurate set of lyrics. The downside is that there are ads on their site which can be annoying at times – but if you want quality lyrics then this should definitely be your first stop. Bing Search or Google: If you’re looking to find just one song’s lyrics with no other distractions (or just searching for something super specific), try using Bing search or typing “lyrics” into Google. You’ll likely get the words right away (along with some potentially helpful reviews). Plus, who doesn’t know how to use these popular search engines? It’s always good to have an old standby when in need of lyric help.


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