The story of successful entrepreneurs is a great one. It’s the story of people who started with nothing and created something out of nothing. They’re the stories that we tell to inspire ourselves, our friends, and the next generation. They are full of adventure, risk-taking, determination, and success.

One thing they all have in common is that these people were not afraid to keep going when things didn’t work out like planned. If you want to be an entrepreneur then you too should learn how these 11 steps can help increase your conversion rates! Let’s Keep Going and See What Happens: Stories of Successful Entrepreneurs These are just some examples on what happens if someone keeps going despite adversity or failure:

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A) George Washington: Washington was a successful general in the American Revolutionary War, and later became President of the United States. He had to keep going even though he lost battles at times.

In 1740, his stepson died from what is believed to be typhoid fever and then three years after that his wife Martha also passed away due to complications with childbirth; this left him on pretty rough time emotionally and financially.

The next year he would marry Jane Pollard out of convenience because she was pregnant but they eventually fell in love soon afterwards which helped rebuild both their lives together. They went through some tough times too when her first baby boy dies before they can name him, her husband passes away about nine months later.


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