She thought she was in love, But now she knows better. The person who had been her best friend for years, Was really just a stranger to her. They had shared memories and laughter, But it was all just a game. She is not looking back but kicking off her shoes and running faster now that she knows the truth- That this facade has to end.

piano, melody, classic @ Pixabay

She’ll never be that girl again. The one who thought she was loved back, but really wasn’t and had been wasting her time for nothing. It doesn’t matter now if people think it’s crazy or not; She knows the truth of what happened in this worn-torn relationship. No more second thoughts about whether to take a chance on love because all she has is herself—and that is enough. No more putting on a mask and pretending to be someone she’s not.

She’ll never fall in love again, because now that she knows what being loved back really feels like. It can’t feel anything but the opposite of how it felt before. The feeling when you know there is no one there to catch you ever if you were to slip from this high place where life has put her. “I am alone.” She says as she looks out into the vast darkness; Taking deep breaths until all of our air leaves her lungs .

And falls down onto a senseless world below her- which doesn’t care about any single thing that might have happened or will happen during its rotation around the sun with other planets and stars passing.


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