I’ve been asked many times, “Should I be a sword-wielding badass?” and I’ve always laughed and replied, “Dude, do you actually mean it? I’m seriously asking this question because I was going through some awkward feelings recently and I was wondering if I should really be a sword-wielding badass. There’s probably a very good chance that I’m not.

Yeah, I just meant do you have any advice about what kind of swords you should be using? Ive noticed that a lot of people seem to just use swords as a weapon. And you can’t actually be a sword-wielding badass if you just use a sword as a weapon. It only takes one person to cause a sword accident to get thrown away completely.

And I agree with you. A lot of the time when I’m in a sword fight I’m not thinking about the sword. I’m thinking about the person I’m about to kill. For every single time I’ve killed someone in a sword fight I’ve seen that person die, I’ve also seen that person go to heaven because Im not thinking about his sword.

Yeah the sword is awesome, but to die in a sword fight is an awful way to spend eternity. And if I were really dead I don’t think I would want to be anywhere near a sword. I wouldn’t feel like I was really dead when I was trying to kill someone with a sword. Not to mention a sword fight means you’re probably going to go out of your way to kill someone.

Another reason to refrain from fighting with your sword is the fear of getting your sword stuck in someone else’s body. I have a friend who has been in a few sword fights and I can tell you he has never, ever, gotten his sword stuck. I also have a friend who is the guy, a real badass, who was in a sword fight that just ended but he was still able to take out one of the most murderous guys Ive ever met.

The same reason you should not have your sword in your hand? You might end up getting stabbed. Seriously, if you have a sword on your person and your friend is trying to kill you, you should probably run away.

I think I read somewhere that the best advice one could give someone who is in a sword fight is to not get your hands in the way of your opponent’s sword. That may not be a great “I told you so” but I think that’s a good rule to follow.

This is true but I think it is also a little counter intuitive. If your buddy is trying to kill you, you should at least be able to fight back. But if you have a sword, you should be able to stab your friend in the back.

As an avid reader of comics, I think I know which one of us is right. I’m a pretty strong advocate of not stabbing anyone in the back. But someone who is on Deathloop’s island is going to have a hard time making it through the day. So maybe we should all just try to keep our hands to ourselves this time.

If you’re looking for an easy way to kill someone, you may be in luck because Deathloop’s combat system has a few built-in ways to help you. From stabbing to shoving, you can even fight back if your friend (or someone else for that matter) is trying to kill you. And if you’re feeling extra protective, you can even go at your enemy with a sword.


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