It’s the last part of the sword that is reverse-waved that’s the interesting part. The part that makes it more interesting is that the first two aren’t reversed.

I suppose this would have been an interesting title for a video game, but I’m not talking about games. I’m talking about this.

In the original story, the four swords (or perhaps there are five) are reversed for the first time in history. The reason is that the last one has been lost. Because its part of a time loop that hasn’t been reversed, the only way to reverse it is to come back. A time loop has to be reversed in order to exist (which might explain the title), but also because if it was reversed, it would have to be in the reverse order.

The game is a game of swords, we’re not talking about a game of swords and sorcery. A time loop has to be reversed in order to exist.

It’s worth pointing out that this is not just a question of “why are the swords reversed?” It’s a question of “why has it been reversed?”. There are a lot of reasons that can be put forward, but none quite explain why it’s reversed. What was once a single swordsman has turned into a large number of swordsmen. It’s also worth pointing out that there is no reason why the last one should have been lost.

It is a question of why the last one would have been lost.

This was just one of those ideas that came from reading other people’s blogs. Someone commented that he had created a similar time loop in his own life by having a mother who was the head of a corporation that controlled the flow of money, thus having a company that controlled everything. He said he would have been more in control if his mother didn’t have power all the time. He also said that the company didn’t always control its employees, and that they could be fired at any time.

Well, that sounds like the same concept as this blog post, except it sounds a bit more sophisticated. It also sounds like it might be a little too far fetched to be realistic, though I suppose it could be made to work.

I guess I’m still waiting for a new video game to come out that has the concept of someone controlling money. So far, I haven’t seen it. I guess it’s possible that the game is like that, but I don’t know. I guess I’ll just have to make something up.

So the only problem with that is that if you know someone has stolen money or something that you want to get back, you might not be able to. But for someone who doesn’t know that, the concept of reverse-saber swords seems to make a lot of sense. Because a sword can be reversed, the person in control of its direction can shoot it at a target. And as long as you shoot backwards, the target is hit.


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